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31 July 2015 - Aussie edges lower as US economy expands in 2nd quarter

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar edged back below 0.73 through trade on Thursday as investors looked to lengthen USD holdings on expectations the Federal Reserve w... read more

30 July 2015 - Upbeat Fed Statement, US Dollar supportive

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Amid improved liquidity and sentiment the Australian dollar has done well to maintain its value close to the 73 US Cents mark overnight. Holding ground v... read more

29 July 2015 - Sentiment turns positive as investors wait on the Fed

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: With attention shifting away from China’s troubled equity market yesterday, broader measures of sentiment turned positive, a move favouring a stron... read more

28 July 2015 - Aussie steady despite China’s equity rout

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar has once again struggled during the early parts of this week, after a slump in Chinese equities weighed heavily on the growth linke... read more

27 July 2015 - AUD lower as the Greenback takes centre stage

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Despite hitting a mid-week high of 0.7450 when valued against its US Counterpart further wind has been knocked out of the Aussies sails over the past fiv... read more

24 July 2015 - Greenback strength pushes AUD/USD downwards

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar fell across the board yesterday as Greenback strength pushed the local currency to lows of AUD/USD 0.7347. US unemployment claims d... read more

23 July 2015 - Aussie falls off the back of soft CPI figures

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: Weak CPI data released yesterday has resulted in the local currency losing ground against its major counterparts throughout yesterday’s trade sessi... read more

22 July 2015 - Q2 inflation data on the horizon

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar has managed to tick higher throughout trade yesterday even in the absence of any domestic or overseas economic data directly correl... read more

21 July 2015 - Traders look to RBA Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes for direction

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Aussie opens virtually unchanged this morning as a shortage of economic data in domestic and overseas markets yesterday produced a lacklustre trade s... read more

20 July 2015 - Aussie falls off the back of US data releases

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar opens significantly weaker this morning after concluding a disappointing week of trade this past week. Sever... read more

17 July 2015 - Greek Parliament restores risk appetite, Aussie bounces higher

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: Having dropped to a late afternoon low of 0.7349 when valued against its US Counterpart the Australian dollar opens steady this morning following news t... read more

16 July 2015 - AUD crumbles as Fed re-affirms higher rates

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar notched up some significant losses during the overnight session after US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testified before the Ho... read more

15 July 2015 - US retail sales weigh on Greenback

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Demand for the Australian dollar was bolstered yesterday after a NAB Business Confidence read comfortably surpassed expectations for the month of June. R... read more

14 July 2015 - Greek PM facing domestic backlash

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Providing further evidence that growth is stabilising, China’s exports rose for the first time in four months during June, figures released yesterd... read more

13 July 2015 - Greece edges ever closer to European Exit

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar remains under pressure struggling to break back through the 0.75 handle as an evaporation of risk appetite and ongoing concerns su... read more

10 July 2015 - Currency markets stabilise, caution ahead

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Beating estimates a labour market report yesterday showed the Australian economy added 7300 new jobs last month. Whilst the official unemployment rate in... read more

09 July 2015 - AUD weaker ahead of employment report

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar continued its downward run yesterday, breaking through fresh downside barriers as concerns over China’s ongo... read more

08 July 2015 - Aussie rocked by global instability and tumbling commodity prices

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar plunged through 0.7450 on Tuesday touching overnight lows of 0.7397. The Aussie has suffered a remarkable and dramatic sell off si... read more

07 July 2015 - Markets stabilise, Greece still in focus

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Having initially slumped to its lowest level since May 2009 upon open yesterday morning, conditions have since calmed overnight with the Australian dolla... read more

06 July 2015 - Greeks defy Europe and vote “no” to austerity

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar:Having now dropped for a third consecutive day the Australian dollar opens this morning at its lowest level in more than six years when valued against it... read more

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