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31 March 2015 - Collapsing commodities drive dollar down

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar remained under pressure through trade on Monday marking a 3rd consecutive day of decline. The Aussie was forced lower b... read more

30 March 2015 - Commodity currencies close the week lower despite USD weakness

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar moved lower Friday as the commodity driven currency continued to relinquish gains moving back below 0.78. In the absence of any he... read more

27 March 2015 - Investors look towards the Fed and US GDP

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Having tracked sideways for the majority of yesterday’s domestic session investors remained starved of any substantial economic developments. Shedd... read more

26 March 2015 - RBA Stability Review Fails to Shift Investor Sentiment

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar held firmly above 0.7830 throughout trade yesterday however struggled on approaches to 0.79 as investors looked to sell into ralli... read more

25 March 2015 - AUD strength maintained

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar:Trading to an intraday low of 0.7836 when valued against its US Counterpart after China’s Flash HSBC Manufacturing PMI Index fell to an 11-month lo... read more

24 March 2015 - US rate talk dominates, US Dollar falls

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: In what’s been a remarkable start to the week demand for the Australian dollar has been significantly bolstered over the past 24 hours as the US do... read more

23 March 2015 - Aussie stronger against a weaker Greenback

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar maintained its skittish mood last week, trading in more than a two and half cent range when valued against its US Counterpart. Gyra... read more

20 March 2015 - Aussie slides due to Greenback strength

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The AUD opens significantly weaker today after consistently trending downwards through yesterday’s trading session. With no economic releases on th... read more

19 March 2015 - Aussie surges off the back of US Fed Reserve comments

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The AUD remained range bound during the most part of yesterday’s Asian trade session as the absence of local announcements provided limited volatil... read more

18 March 2015 - RBA minutes weaken Australian Dollar

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar:The local currency took a sharp turn downwards intraday as the RBA revealed in its Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes that they currently have inflationary ... read more

17 March 2015 - Positive motor vehicle sales data jumpstarts AUD

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Aussie opens stronger today at AUD/USD0.7641 after a positive start to the week due to upbeat motor vehicle sales figures released yesterday. The ann... read more

16 March 2015 - Slow start to the week for Australian dollar

By Shan Thoo
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar commences the week buying 76.19 US cents after declining steadily over the entirety of Friday’s trading session. With no loca... read more

13 March 2015 - US Retail Sales drop for a third consecutive month

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar: Erasing a drop of 14 100 in January the Australian economy produced 15 600 new jobs last month a number significant enough to see the official unemployme... read more

12 March 2015 - AUD falls to 6 year lows

By Jay Goodman
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollars struggles continued midweek marred by an array of poor local data and broad US dollar strength. RBA Assistant Governor Kent spoke ... read more

11 March 2015 - AUD continues to tumble as US strength continues

By Jay Goodman
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar continued to struggle on Tuesday as the prospect of an interest rate rise sooner than anticipated in the US weighed on the higher y... read more

10 March 2015 - Aussie under pressure despite USD profit taking

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar continued its downward spiral through trade on Monday touching intraday lows of 0.7684. Compounding the impact of Fridays strong U... read more

09 March 2015 - Aussie plunges on back of U.S employment growth

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian Dollar enters a new trading week having closed markedly lower on Friday after a dramatic selloff in the wake of a stronger than anticipat... read more

06 March 2015 - AUD edged lower on commencement of ECB QE plans

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: The Australian dollar traded sideways for much of the domestic session Thursday bouncing about between 0.7810 and 0.7840. Stable retail sales and a rela... read more

05 March 2015 - AUD steady in anticipation of Trade Balance and Retail Sales

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar:The Australian Dollar offered little to excite investors through trade on Wednesday holding onto gains earned Tuesday in the aftermath of the RBA rate an... read more

04 March 2015 - Aussie rallies as RBA maintains benchmark interest rate

By Matt Richardson
Australian Dollar: In a move that surprised many investors and analysts the RBA opted to maintain its benchmark cash rate at 2.25% yesterday. Speculators had priced in a r... read more

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